Book Launch

The Politics of Autonomy in Latin America: The Art of Organising Hope,
written by Ana Cecilia Dinerstein

FOREWORDS by W. Bonefeld and G. Esteva
April 10, 2015 5:30 PM – UCL- Institute of the Americas,
51 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0PN


The Power of Autonomy in Latin America offers a much-needed critical review of the concept and practice of autonomy. By establishing an elective affinity between autonomy and Bloch’s philosophy of hope, the book defines autonomy as ‘the art of organizing hope’, that is, the art of shaping a reality which is not yet but can be anticipated by the movements’ collective actions. The politics of autonomy is a struggle that simultaneously negates, creates, deals with contradictions and, above all, produces an excess beyond demarcation that cannot be translated into the grammar of power. Reading Marx’s method in key of hope, the book offers a prefigurative critique of political economy and emphasises the prefigurative features of indigenous and non indigenous autonomies at a time when utopia can no longer be objected.

SPEAKERS: John Holloway, Werner Bonefeld, Jeff Webber, and Ana Cecilia Dinerstein